Harnessed cables suitable for Lenze

readycable® harnessed cables suitable for Lenze are especially flexible drive cables that were designed specifically for using in an energy chain for dynamic applications. Thanks to their extraordinarily long and predictable service life they are dependable and protected by a 36 month warranty. All igus® cables are tested for durability, safety and reliability, undergoing many millions of cycles in real applications at the in-house laboratory. You can choose quickly and easily from more than 4,000 harnessed cables stocked in our shop. Here, you can find signal cables, encoder cables, servo cables, motor cables, drive cables and many more. The harnessed readycable® cables are available in versions that meet the most commonly required conformity standards, such as UL, CSA, CE or Desina, and are compliant with a large number of approval standards. Depending on requirements, the readycable® harnessed drive cables can be made to specific lengths without additional surcharges for cutting or small quantities.

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